Anime Manifesto

Anime can be fun.  Anime can be exciting. Anime can be challenging.  Anime creates debate, excitement, confusion, unusual levels of squick, and high levels of laughter or tears.

Anime is more than the sum of it’s parts, and does not deserve to get relegated to the empty term “cartoon”.  Not every animated show is for kids.  Most anime, for example, isn’t.  They are full of psychological drama, lighthearted and dark comedy, challenging scenarios, strong characters who believe passionately in an ideal or a goal.

There are tropes and deconstructions – staring at the big wall named “Anime” is daunting.  Great swaths of bricks say “Dragon Ball Z” or “One Piece” and other parts of the wall have small groups of bricks: “FLCL”, and so on.

This blog is meant to help guide newcomers to things they may like if they are exploring anime for the first time.

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